Whether your quilt is a family heirloom, a part of your quilt collection, or a quilt or art garment you have made, it is worth having it appraised.
People have quilts, wearable art or other textiles appraised for many reasons—to include them in your homeowners’ insurance, ship them to a show or exhibit, to settle an estate, to donate to a museum or other organization, to establish a fair selling price, or simply to provide thorough documentation.
Whatever your reason for having a quilt or textile appraised, accredited AQS appraisers will provide the best service for your needs.
If you are not certain which type of appraisal you need, have a verbal evaluation by a certified appraiser, who will help you make the decision.
I have been an accredited appraiser since 1993. I specialize in a number of quilted and other textile items including: eccentric Double Wedding Ring quilts, kit quilts, art quilts, wearables, art dolls and ethnic textiles.. Although these are my specialties, I can appraise virtually any contemporary, traditional or antique textile items.

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