Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My East Indian Piece

I found this piece at a thrift store where I have found a number of my great pieces. I love thrift stores - such stories and treasures await the person who is persistent and loves to dig around. What I think is great about these pieces I find is that they are not only beautiful, but they have stories to tell if we are just willing to listen. This piece has a strong sense of romance and lyrical balance to it. The workmanship is exceptional. And to think it cost me all of $1.91. This is a rather large piece, perhaps 3' x 3'. And it is a clearly sensual piece. I am not really sure of its intended function, but I truly love it. All the work on it is embroidery, and perhaps a batik process was used to get the different colors on it.  It also amazes me because the images are all so perfectly done. For example, the circle is absolutely round. So was a pattern of some sort used or was this drawn freehand and then worked?  Ah, I do so love these mysteries.

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Judy Alexander said...

Annie, I love your 'found' art. You really have some great pieces.