Saturday, July 4, 2009

There's a Story Here . . .

Most of the time the textiles I collect are just pretty and interesting, but there is no clear story to them. Oh I can weave a story from what I see, but seldom is there an actual story on the textile itself. But here is one that is really different. My inner feeling (not based on anything more than that currently) is that it is likely Laotian and the story it is telling is very interesting.

Clearly it appears that there is some sort of celebration going on, for there are people cooking food, and there are musicians, and in the upper left corner there is even a naked couple that appear to be going into some sort of open structure. But then on the right side, it looks like two people hanging from some sort of wood structure. Is this a ride, or are two people being killed, or is this something like a kite or banner? And are there people here who are dyeing or otherwise working with some sort of fabric? I love things like this because we could all go on trying to figure it out forever, but likely only the maker really knows for certain.

It is stamped, and doesn't appear to be that old truthfully. It is worked with embroidery thread with stitches I think I have seen from that culture. Click on the photo to see a much larger view.

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