Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Qi - Chinese Wellness

I have long been interested in holistic health - not just the day to day contemporary things I and others do to help keep our bodies healthy in a natural way, but I am also very interested in the history of holistic medicine. It is incredible to me that so much knowledge about the human body and the things that can interact with it in a positive way such as acupuncture, have been around for such a truly long time.
This small quilt is 8.5 x 11.5 inches. It is made of silk organza and very soft pretty satin, as well as cotton between the layers.  There is printed cloth below the top layer (that is the circular designs), and I also added a Hmong reverse appliqué piece that looks like a labyrinth. It is beaded around the circles and the word, Qi is embroidered there with gold thread.  This would be a wonderful gift for someone who really needed Qi.  I am donating it to The Alzheimer's Initiative, We make a commitment to make and donate one quilt each month and if we are unable to do that, we can buy a quilt online from the organization.  This is my contribution for February. If you want to purchase it or to donate to the organization, or perhaps one of the other beautiful quilts, you can go to their web site and click on quilts and they will come up. This is a wonderful way to do a good thing and have a beautiful piece of art too.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Absolutely stunning, Annie! I have been involved with healing energies for several decades...acupuncture, Ch'i Kung, etc etc. And this such a beautiful way to pass on some good ch'i/qi! Lovely!!!

Jamie Kalvestran said...

I love this post! I studied Chinese Medicine and was a Shiatsu practitioner at one time. Great post! Share that positive Qi any way you can! Jamie