Saturday, June 27, 2009

Every Now and Then

Sometimes it is good to go from the regular path and surprise the reader/viewer. I have another love besides textiles, and that is my garden. And I have some plants that seem pretty unique to me. They are all rescued, and it seems that once rescued and in the ground, they must be very thankful because things get huge in my yard! Here is my Bird of Paradise I literally rescued from a garbage bin at a construction site. I was horrified to see the workmen just digging them up one by one and dumping them to go to their deaths in a few more hours. I opened up the back of my little Honda Civic Hatchback and one by one, hauled them home, giving them to neighbors and friends so that they all ultimately got adopted. There were other plants too and those all went to other friends. But this Bird of Paradise is clearly happy to be rescued. A few feet high when I rescued it and put it into a pot, it has long since broken through the pot and is now way over the top of the nearby mobile home, and it is clearly happy. Every year some manure and some mulch and small redwood chips and everything thinks it is apparently in the Garden of Eden!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Annie, good to see you here! I love the garden, and that is obvious on my blog. There are as many garden pics as art, but after all, it inspires art, and the photography itself is's all a circular cycle.
I really envy those exotics....can't grow 'em here!