Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Molas Can be for Healing . . .

Here is a Cboniganit healing mola that is really lovely, and although the colors are bright, there is a sense of restfulness about them. Notice how the human figure is surrounded by three major creatures, and two lesser creatures, all of which seem to be eating some part of the human figure they are holding. And there are two more creatures as well that have no bodies that they are eating. There is a good deal of balance in this piece. Notice how the larger lower left creature matches in color the smaller creature in the upper right. Likewise, the larger lower right creature matches in color the smaller creature in the upper left. If you look at the piece again, you will notice that the three lower creatures are the largest, and the two next creatures are considerably smaller, and the upper creatures the smallest of all. There also appears to be an opening with each of the creatures, as if it is perhaps a way out. Out of the body? One can imagine that by the time the spirit of this person gets to the top of the piece, whatever is wrong with it has been removed by these creatures. They don't seem to be eating the humans, for whatever they are doing, the humans seem to remain whole.

Very interesting piece, don't you think?

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My name is Barbara said...

I really like this piece. It is beautiful and I love the colors. I enjoy seeing all the quilt you put up. What wonderful treasures.