Monday, July 20, 2009

Not a Textile, But an Inspiration

Some days we can just appreciate the texture of something. This photo is clearly not a textile, but sure is an inspiration for making one. I think my all-time favorite art quilt is one I made with waterlilies and koi swimming around below. We can enjoy these beautiful koi swimming peacefully around the pond both the real ones and the ones on the quilt.
I made the border from a fantastic textured men's real indigo shirt I found at the thrift store.  I made the reeds and the water lily pads, and the water lilies themselves were cut from fabric Broderie Perse style, as were the koi. I used a Japanese quilting pattern I saw in a book for inspiration and it had dragonflies and pretty lines of water. There is something very spiritual about this piece for me. I often tend to create spiritual art. I am a very metaphysical thinker and very interested in life's deeper meaning and I pay attention to the smallest details I see daily. Sometimes they seem almost like signposts in life to help me make sure I am on the right life path.

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