Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Amish Import

It's amazing how I can get a feeling that I should do something, and I always listen to the little voice telling me to get out and go.  This particular day, I had no intention of going to the thrift store, but something told me to get out there and go.  And so I found this wonderful Amish type import quilt.  I have realized there are different qualities of import quilts and I certainly have some of them.  This one has very good cotton, and is actually not quilted too badly as you can see. And the finishing is different too.

So what makes an import quilt better quality?  This one was made in China, but was made for a company called Arch Quilts in Hawthorne, NY. I am wondering if the company gives more directions for using better cloth, and also oversees the manufacture of the quilts so that as is the case with this one, they are well pieced or well appliquéd, and the design overall and the quilting is decent.  Yes, it isn't the tiny stitches in an heirloom quilt, but it is definitely graphic and pretty. By the way, the prairie points on the edge are one of the giveaways that it is an import, but just one of the things I would notice.

Happy New Year, and I wish every one of you who visit here the very best life has to offer for the New Year and all the years to follow. Peace and many blessings always, Annie

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