Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little One, Wherever You Are . . .

OK, This is one of my summer finds. Seeing it made me wonder what country it represented. I have seen these before, and the front makes me think China, but someone suggested that it might be made in the Philippines.

At any rate, the front is appliquéd and finished in what seems to me a very Chinese style and with Chinese motifs.  But the back is totally different with these three dimensional figures.  The frog at the top even features a mouth that opens. I feel paper inside as if it is pieced (the background) on a foundation, perhaps of paper.  Polyester is freely used, and the piece has a lot of embroidery and three dimensional work on the back and the appliqué and embroidery on the front.  I love the way the pockets are piped with the white, giving it a strong graphic appeal..

Whatever it is, it is such a cheerful little piece, and seems like a wonderful way to celebrate a child's special event. Perhaps it is not for a birthday. Perhaps it is some sort of celebration garment - religious or cultural event?

I think of children in the United States, and we don't have anything like this to celebrate the birthdays or the special cultural or religious events that I can think of.  We DO have baptismal gowns, and I guess for the Catholic religion, there are the little white suits for the boys and the sweet little white dresses for the little girls for their confirmation date.  But no matter how hard I try to imagine, I can think of nothing that is as charming or meaningful as these little colorful garments.

If anyone does know about these, please do write me to let me know what they are for and where they come from.These happy colors and the little creatures all over the back make me smile for sure.


Stacy Hurt said...

Hi Anne
I have friends that were teachers abroad; they adopted a Vietnamese little girl. When they returned from Vietnam with her they brought many gifts as Ellen was the same age as their new daughter Le. Many of the shirts had that type of embroidery on them. Could be?

ANudge said...

Very interesting post and a lovely vest shared. Anne, the dresses and suits you mentioned above are for First Communion in the Catholic faith. Confirmation is now for teens. I remember my mom making me a communion dress when I was 7. I thought it was a wedding dress it was so pretty.
I am now a follower and look forward to your posts. Regards,

Michelle.Ortalda said...

My grandmother just gave me one of these the other day. the back is almost identical the frogs mouth opens too. I will ask her what it means and get back to you, I also have a friend who is Chinese and he is going to let me know if he has seen one before. My grandma did tell me it is filled with newspaper and a friend bought it for her in china aprox 50+ years ago.